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OK2BG is narrative nonfiction, a Memoir about a guy who wants to be a Mentor preferably to a teenager, so they can have a decent a meaningful conversation about stuff a preferably with a kid at-risk, or just otherwise lost, in order to help both the teenager as well as the determined subject of this story realize their unique potential a find or reinforce their place in the world. Overall, a chronicle about the authora€™s attempt over several years to understand the question of a€˜why do I want to be a Mentora€™ which eventually helps him become a more insightful person. Subsequently in September, 2010 after a plague of teen suicides, Jack turns his attention to researching gay biographies into optimistically appropriate groups of books for gay kids at-risk, from bullying. After 5 years Jack has categorized 2, 000+ books in the form of Memoirs, Biographies a Autobiographies written by or about 1, 000+ allegedly gay men. The primary message in OK2BG is to read a reassess before you run asunder!One year later, I received a phone call from the newly elected President of the non-profit fiscal sponsor asking me why I was using their name in a letter of intent seeking funds, when I hadna#39;t been accepted by them as yet, officially. Evidentlyanbsp;...

Author:Jack Dunsmoor
Publisher:Lulu.com -


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