Ohio Traffic Tickets Are for the Birds

Ohio Traffic Tickets Are for the Birds

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a€œThe book promises to stoke the timeless war between those who write the tickets and the objects of their affections.a€ -Caryl Segalewitz, Dayton Daily News a€œWolk is either a maverick hell-bent on improving the legal system, or hea€™s a brash upstarta€beither way, hea€™s a hero with me for championing the cause of motorists who are bullied into paying traffic ticketsa€bWolka€™s observations and hypothetical courtroom cross-examinations are fascinatinga€bProsecutors and city officials can benefit from his exposure of weaknesses.a€ -Denise Smith Amos, Cincinnati Enquirer a€œWolk rails, often humorously, against local government a€˜abuse and misusea€™ of traffic laws and doles out ways to combat traffic tickets.a€ -Donna Robb, Cleveland Plain Dealer a€œWolka€™s tome offers detailed, step-by-step instructions for fighting all kinds of misdemeanor traffic tickets.a€ -Bob Dyer, Akron Beacon Journall a€œJust like his current book, any future literary offerings will be in keeping with his philosophya€”every citizen has a duty to protect the rights of the individual and to ensure that the government is doing its job.a€ -Carl Chancellor, Akron Beacon Journal a€œThere are good people who become lawyersa€bWolk is one.a€ -William Grim, Freelance A compact manual relaying a proven method for fighting tickets. Applicable to all states. Includes Pennsylvania turnpike tickets.A Practical Defense Manual for Juveniles and Adults Brian Jonathan Wolk. reason to. Your radar detector detected her radar, you slowed down, she doesna#39;t have any idea you were speeding, end of story. Whata#39;s she going to do, pull you overanbsp;...

Title:Ohio Traffic Tickets Are for the Birds
Author:Brian Jonathan Wolk
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-02-01


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