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Meet Nick Stone. The highlight of Nick's day had always been smoking Jane, drinking beer, and causing trouble. Usually all at the same time. But that all changed when Dad woke up with a dead stripper in his bed. This story promises to offend you, insult you and entertain you, all at the same time. In Odd-Jobs, the author holds blatant contempt for literary merit, and the result comes off a little like Fear a Loathing in Las Vegas. WARNING: This short novel is not recommended for those who can't take a joke. In this novel, you will find references to guns, drugs, felony crimes and a dead stripper named Sally. You will also find stereotypes toward minorities, and urban youth in-general. You will also find the works of an author who doesn't give a rat's ass about qLiterary Valueq and who uses Odd-Jobs, his very first novel, to mock the literary community. So in short, if Odd-Jobs doesn't offend you in the first ten pages, then you're probably just as morbid and twisted as the author.After a cursory search, I found an old Ford pickup behind the warehouse. The ignition had already been broken open, so I started it using someone elsea#39;s hot- wiring job. But who (besides me) would steal a 1978 Ford Ranger?? Ita#39;s a sick worldanbsp;...

Author:Timothy A. Boling
Publisher:T.A.B. - 2009-08-19


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