Oaks in the Urban Landscape

Oaks in the Urban Landscape

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This publication offers a comprehensive look at the management of oaks in urban areas. As development moves into oak woodland areas, more and more oaks are becoming qurbanq oaks. Oaks are highly valued in urban areas for their aesthetic, environmental, economic and cultural benefits. However, significant impacts to the health and structural stability of oaks have resulted from urban encroachment. Changes in environment, incompatible cultural practices, and pest problems can all lead to the early demise of our stately oaks. Using this book you'll learn how to effectively manage and protect oaks in urban areas - existing oaks as well as the planting of new oaks. Three key areas are addressed: selection, care, and preservation. You'll learn how cultural practices, pest management, risk management, preservation during development, and genetic diversity can all play a role in preserving urban oaks. Arborists, urban foresters, landscape architects, planners and designers, golf course superintendents, academics, and Master Gardeners alike will find this to be an invaluable reference guide.For instance, surface compaction can be corrected by cultivation, hardpan can be fractured, and organic matter can be ... well, such as the incorporation of sulfur or organic matter to adjust soil pH, leaching of salts, and supplemental applications of ... it is often difficult to substantially change soil physical or chemical properties, certain practices can lead to improvements. ... Using an amendment that improves water-holding capacity when drainage is poor only exacerbates the problem.

Title:Oaks in the Urban Landscape
Author:Laurence Raleigh Costello, Bruce W. Hagen, Katherine S. Jones
Publisher:UCANR Publications - 2011-01-01


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