NR Coregulators and Human Diseases

NR Coregulators and Human Diseases

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This book serves as a treasure for all those who have an interest in nuclear receptor coregulators and human diseases. Written by experts in the field, each chapter provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on the physiologic and pathologic roles of coregulators in specific organ systems, giving biomedical students; basic and clinical researchers; and educators in diverse sub-specialties a thorough summary of the overall subject. Readers will be able to understand the important current information and views on specific coactivators and corepressors and their roles in the pathogenesis of human diseases in areas outside their own expertise or experience. A special emphasis is placed on the OC classicOCO papers as well as perspectives on future directions for the field. Sample Chapter(s). Chapter 1: Nuclear Receptor Coregulators in Human Diseases (839 KB). Contents: Nuclear Receptor Coregulators in Human Diseases (R B Lanz et al.); p160 Coactivators: Critical Mediators of Transcriptional Activation by Nuclear Receptors (J H Kim a M R Stallcup); Regulation of Nuclear Hormone Receptor Functions by Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway (A Ismail et al.); Coregulators as Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors (R Kumar a A E Gururaj); A Central Role of SRC-3/AIB1 in Tumorigenesis (J Yan et al.); Thyroid Hormone Receptors, Coregulators, and Disease (M L Privalsky); Androgen Receptor Coactivators in Prostate Cancer (N L Weigel a I U Agoulnik); PGC-1 and Metabolic Control in Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle (Z Arany a B M Spiegelman); Coregulators in Metabolic and Neurodegenerative Diseases (J N Feige et al.); Role of the RIP140 Corepressor in Metabolic Regulation (M G Parker et al.); Nuclear Receptor Corepressors and Metabolism (T Alenghat a M A Lazar); Coregulators in CNS Function and Disease (O C Meijer a E R de Kloet); Tissue Repair and Cancer Control Through PPARs and Their Coregulators (L Michalik a W Wahli); Coregulators and Inflammation (S Ghisletti a W Huang); Nuclear Receptor Coactivators in the Cardiovascular System (J-M Xu); Coregulators as Determinants of Selective Receptor Modulator (SRM) Activity (M C Pace a C L Smith); Coregulators in Toxicology (J Regg et al.); Nuclear Receptor Coactivators Co-ordinate Metabolic Responses to Hormonal and Environmental Stimuli (R M Evans et al.); Nuclear Receptor Cofactor Interactions as Targets for New Drug Discovery (L L Grasfeder a D P McDonnell). Readership: Academic, medical students, residents, fellow and biomedical research students.q2.3.1 p300 and CBP bind to AD1 of SRCs p300 and CBP were originally identified as proteins that bind to the ... This is consistent with the histone code hypothesis that specific histone tail modifications provide docking sites to recruit proteinsanbsp;...

Title:NR Coregulators and Human Diseases
Author:Rakesh Kumar (Professor of Biotechnology), Bert W. O'Malley
Publisher:World Scientific - 2008-01-01


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