Nova - Episodes

Nova - Episodes

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The sun exploded. Yet earth survived, split asunder into three crust fragments with its molten core acting as the new sun. Survivors of the holocaust emerge only to be caught in the middle of a war between mutant monstrosities and the machines that were left behind. Now a dangerous journey has been thrust upon the street magician Logan. Waking up in a abandoned training facility, he must now survive in a hostile environment while evading an powerful unseen force that stalks his every move. Armed with a searing blade and mystical psychic powers, he and his companions must venture out onto the shattered world to uncover the mysteries of Galilea, the eternal sanctuary... before their mysterious assailant gets to it first. Nova: Episodes is a post-apocalyptic adventure spanning into a five part saga, fusing science fiction with elements from medieval fantasy. From creatures to psychics to guns to fantastic swordplay, this imaginative world leaves everyone at the edge of their seats wanting more.Logan sliced a wire. The wire spat out electrical blood and dangled. The electric serpent crashed into the cockpit of a dune buggy. Lightning electrocuted the driver, sending the buggy crashing into the wall and into circus cartwheels for the anbsp;...

Title:Nova - Episodes
Author:Shaawen E. Thunderbird
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-11


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