Not the Classical Ideal

Not the Classical Ideal

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Ancient Greece is characterized by a vision of reality in which a pre-eminent human type is defined in opposition to non-ideal 'others'. The social structure of democratic Athens privileged male citizens, while marginalizing women, resident aliens, and slaves. Across a broad spectrum of classical Greek imagery, this anthology provides an investigation of this 'otherness'. Their methodologies ranging from traditional to avant-garde, an international cast of authors develops a nuanced picture of 'otherness', the visual criteria that denote it, and its social and political functions in regard to gender, class, and ethnicity.... death, the Greek norms of male over female, man over beast, and civilization over wild nature are overturned. ... 71 Aktaion is nearly a#39;transformeda#39; by a deerskin worn like a bodysuit on the Pan Paintera#39;s volute-krater, Athens, National anbsp;...

Title:Not the Classical Ideal
Author:Beth Cohen
Publisher:BRILL - 2000


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