Not Gruntled

Not Gruntled

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Not Gruntled is a collection of 21 short stories. Dissatisfaction is a fact of human existence, and it will always be so. These tales are tales of the disgruntled. From unusual present-day immigrants to near-future activists and impoverished children, through far-future pop stars and homeowners, they're all convinced the grass is greener on the other side. Maybe it is, and maybe it's not! Science Fiction, Sci fi, scifi, Speculative Fiction, fiction, collection, short story collection, short stories, anthology, short story anthology, single author collection, future, futurism, disgruntled, gruntled, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, rebellion, escape, change, fleeing, oppression, repression, dictatorship, monkey, immigrant, immigration, emigrant, emigration, Australia, USA, far future, near future, Aboriginal, Native, solar power, renewable energy, child, child abuse, revenge, invention, inventor, family, horror, secret, baby, death, Craze, interstellar travel, wormhole, internet, interstellar internet, interstellar communication, interstellar civilization, age, aging, elderly, elder, regret, second chance, parallel world, fantasy world, homecoming, adventure, pacifist, pacifism, cannibalism, alien, aliens, climate change, global warming, 3D printer, 3D printing, 3-D printer, 3-D printing, hikkikomori, shut-in, social anxiety, inheritance, mother, resentment, elite, entitlement, entitled, nursing home, thought invasion, psychic, housing, home, family, sentient computer, journalism, internship, ambition, violence, murder, sexual abuse, sexual assault, victim, rape victim, time travel, psychology, child psychology, cat, kitten, North Carolina, barrier islands, Outer Banks, Kill Devil Hills, nuclear family, extended family, grandmother, father, hurricane, loss, coming of age, childhood, growing up, young adult, YA, mad scientist, destroy the world, destruction, renewal, rebirth, razing, renaissance, moon colony, lunar colony, China, Chinese, Hong Kong, culture, culture clash, psychologist, crazy, insane, homicidal, gender change, transgender, gender fluid, genderfluid, queer, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQI, QUILTBAG, bisexual, bisexuality, sexuality, dating, Kafkaesque, veteran, military, PTSD, trauma, traumatic, suicide, painkillers, prescription drug abuse, drug abuse, drug induced psychosis, alienation, social barriers, Islam, burqa, burka, chador, android, pop star, pop music, music tour, pop band, music star, music contract, corporation, corporate, glacier, ORION project, nuclear propulsion, fusion propulsion, ecoterrorism, ecoterrorist, cold feet, fearI began to build the pathways of his thoughts in my imagination, like the circuit diagram of a huge motherboard. Not just a static picture of the a#39;circuitsa#39;, but a picture of how thoughts flowed through it, why they flowed. As it solidified, I found anbsp;...

Title:Not Gruntled
Author:S.A. Barton
Publisher:S.A. Barton -


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