No Bullshit Social Media

No Bullshit Social Media

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The In-Your-Face, Results-Focused, No-a€œKumbayaa€ Guide to Social Media for Business! Detailed techniques for increasing sales, profits, market share, and efficiency Specific solutions for brand-building, customer service, RaD, and reputation management Facts, statistics, real-world case studies, and rock-solid metrics Stop hiding from social media--or treating it as if ita€™s a playground. Start using it strategically. Identify specific, actionable goals. Apply business discipline and proven best practices. Stop fearing risks. Start mitigating them. Measure performance. Get results. You can. This book shows you how. Jason Falls and Erik Deckers serve up practical social media techniques and metrics for building brands, strengthening awareness, improving service, optimizing RaD, driving better leads--and closing more sales. a€œConversationsa€ and a€œcommunitiesa€ are wonderful, but theya€™re not enough. Get this book and get what you really want from social media: profits. Think social mediaa€™s a passing fad? Too risky? Just a toy? Too soft and fuzzy? Not for your business? Wake up! Ita€™s where your customers are. And it aina€™t going away. Does that suck? No. It doesna€™t. Do social media right, and all those great business buzzwords come true. Actionable. Measurable. And...wait for comes the big one. Profitable. Damn profitable. Want to know how to do it right? Wea€™ll show you. And, yeah, we know how because wea€™ve done it. This is the bullshit-free, lie-free, fluff-free, blessedly non-New-Age real deal. Youa€™re going to learn how to use social media to deliver absolutely killer customer service. How to RaD stuff people actually want. Develop scads of seriously qualified leads. Youa€™ll figure out what you want. You know, the little things like profits, market share, loyalty, and brand power. Youa€™ll figure out how to measure it. And then youa€™ll go get it. One more thing. We know what scares you about social media. Screwing up (a.k.a., your mug on the front page of The Wall Street Journal). So wea€™ll tell you what to do so that wona€™t happen. Ever. No B.S. in this book. Just facts. Metrics. Best practices. Stuff to warm the hearts of your CFO, CEO, all your C-whatevers. And, yeah, you. So get your head out from under the pillow. Get your butt in gear. Leta€™s go make some money.Heeven responded toindividual forum posts, like this one on , to clarify the situation. ... Wea#39;re the first to admit that we often tell business owners that social media is relatively easy to use, the tools are often free, andanbsp;...

Title:No Bullshit Social Media
Author:Jason Falls, Erik Deckers
Publisher:Que Publishing - 2011-08-11


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