Ninth International Conference on Water Pollution Research

Ninth International Conference on Water Pollution Research

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Ninth International Conference on Water Pollution Research focuses on the methods, measures, and technologies involved in the treatment of wastewater, including the treatment of sludges and pollutants in bodies of water. The selection first offers information on carbon adsorption as an advanced wastewater treatment process, nitrification of surface water, and methods for measuring the thickenability of sludges. Topics include factors that influence adsorption, principle of biological nitrification, and characterization of sludges. The text also discusses the utilization of pulped newsprint as a conditioning aid in the vacuum filtration of a municipal sludge and the purification of pulp-bleaching wastewater with aluminum oxide. The publication reviews the properties and treatment of lime-algae sludge, concept of filterability, prediction of bacterial pollution in sea water, and the role of retained particles in deep bed filtration. The text also describes the immediate and continuous measurement of activated sludge quantity in sewage biological treatment tanks; comparative assessment of pollution loadings from non-point sources in urban land use; and wastewater control technology in steam-electric power plants. The book is a vital reference for readers interested in water pollution research.To simulate the pollution loadings each land use had to be assigned typical parametric values for such variables as percent ... The loading diagrams were used to estimate average loadings of pollutants from all investigated urban land uses.

Title:Ninth International Conference on Water Pollution Research
Author:S. H. Jenkins
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-02


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