Nimrod Rising

Nimrod Rising

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It begins when London's season of goodwill is ripped apart by a bloodthirsty and horrifying outrage. Evidence of the perpetrators points to a puzzling coalition between two widely different terrorist groups. Though hampered by official political constraints, a rogue power-base within the SIS now decides on eliminating a major source of global mayhem. To achieve this they select a very special killer from the shadowy world of international mercenaries - an ex-Marine called Richard Tyler, codename Nimrod. There will be one million sterling waiting for Tyler if he can pull off the most dangerous gamble of his life. For, surrounded by an army of trained bodyguards, the target is capable of striking back through his own deadly network of assassins. But Nimrod's operation has already been uncovered. And now the hunter becomes the prey...Our men are completely familiar with these Presidential vehicles; they would spot added parts or wiring immediately. ... That had been easy: the old Ford Anglia was parked on an unlit patch of waste ground. His first kill. ... Not bad. a#39;Before proceeding, my men will use a hardened nylon spike to remove the hub caps.

Title:Nimrod Rising
Author:Steven Griffiths
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-04-04


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