New Technologies for Supercolliders

New Technologies for Supercolliders

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The present volume is based on the proceedings of the 12th Workshop of the INFN ELOISATRON Project, held at the qEttore Majoranaq Centre for Scientific Culture (EMCSC), Erice (frapani), Sicily, Italy, in the period September 15-20, 1990. The proceedings deal with the presentation of qNew Technologies for Supercollidersq. Three new energy frontiers (16, 40 and 200 TeV) are now opened up for the future of Subnuclear Physics. Basic problems above the Fermi-energy are crowding up: but no one knows the energy levels needed for their solution. This is why the technology for experiments with the new generation of Supercolliders needs to be pursued having in mind the problems which are of common interest in the three energy frontiers. The primary purpose of the Workshop was to contribute towards the highest energy limit in the search for new instruments and new technologies. Furthermore, the present status and performances of various detector technologies were reviewed. The possible options for a powerful apparatus whose goal would be the discovery of the top, Higgs and SUSY particles in a very high energy, high rate environment, were finally analysed. The Workshop was sponsored by the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), the Italian Ministry of Education, the Italian Ministry of Scientific and Technological Research and the Sicilian Regional Government. We are thankful to the staff of EMCSC for their efficient and warm support.... to the room-temperature electronics. The preamplifier has a gain of 20 dB and its passband extends from 10 MHz to 2 GHz. The Tektronix 7104 oscilloscope, with a 7A29 vertical amplifier and a 7B10 time base, has a bandwidth of 1 GHz.

Title:New Technologies for Supercolliders
Author:L. Cifarelli, Thomas Ypsilantis
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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