New Kingdom Royal City

New Kingdom Royal City

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This study reveals a highly diversified and unique pattern of habitation in the Nile Valley. The main focus of this work is the New Kingdom which offers the largest number of sites from any one period. Previously, most studies of Egyptian urbanism have focused exclusively on the site of Tell el-Armana which has become the paradigm for ancient Egyptian settlements. Critical to our understanding of Egyptian urbanism is the question of just how representative of pharaonic town planning Amarna truly is. To resolve this problem, this study contrasts Amarna with what available data exists from other sites. One important source for such a comparison is the Second Intermediate Period site of Deir el-Ballas. This qincipientq Amarna may well have served as the prototype for the revised urbanism of the New Kingdom. This study also reviews the data from other New Kingdom settlements on a qmicro-spatialq level, dealing with both the forms of individual structures as well as the overall community layout. Comparisons between the overall plans of the various settlements and the various elements which comprise them reveal a qmental templeq of urban structure that existed in ancient Egypt.However, while court-centered houses do exist in Mesopotamia, they are hardly a standard type. ... Painted and three dimensional decoration is shown throughout the house, especially in the ceiling rafters decorated with a block border, and inanbsp;...

Title:New Kingdom Royal City
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-01-11


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