New in Town Chicago

New in Town Chicago

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Thinking about moving to Chicago? What should you know about moving to Chicago? How do you get around? How do you find a place to live in Chicago? Where should you go, what should you do, and how do you meet people? Most of the people who live in Chicago have achieved promising careers, incredible friends, and incomparable life experiences. But this life was only attained after an initial period of learning to live in Chicago a€“ where times were difficult, bewildering, and lonely. Starting a new life in an unfamiliar place isna€™t easy and it can take years of trial and error to find your place in it a€“ meanwhile your life is passing you by. Thata€™s why this book was written for people moving to Chicago. a€œNew in Town Chicagoa€ is the resourceful, streetwise, savvy new residenta€™s guide to moving in, getting around, and building a new life in the Windy City. What you really ought to know about moving to Chicago to navigate through the minefield of financial pitfalls, social foibles, and lurking dangers that befall the thousands of new residents moving to Chicago each year. New in Town Chicago is not a reference book, address book, or yellow pages for people who live in Chicago. Here on the Internet, that information is just a click away. It is also not a review book or Zagata€™s Guide giving ratings to restaurants, bars, and attractions in Chicago. Who needs another persona€™s subjective opinion when you can discover on your own the best stuff to do in Chicago? a€œNew in Town Chicagoa€ is a straight, honest, non-textbook, concise guide to take you a€“ the fresh and naive new-in-towner a€“ through the steps of moving to Chicago, getting acclimated with the city, building your new life here, and ultimately finding your unique place as an official resident in this sprawling cultural milieu. What you will learn about moving to Chicago * How to find an apartment in Chicago by visiting the Chicago neighborhoods that are safe, convenient, and offer the best experience for you. * Navigate the Chicago streets without getting lost, and travel from point A to point B on the Chicago CTA * Save money and avoid the costly mistakes that new residents moving to Chicago often make * How to find the people and places that interest you (from Chicago theater to Chicago street fests) and build a social life * Master the weather while you live in Chicago and experience the best of the city in the spring, summer, fall, and even winter. WARNING! New people moving to Chicago make frequent mistakes that lead to suffering, humiliation, and emotional and financial ruin. The warnings in this book will identify them for you and show you how to carefully step over these common pitfalls. SECRETS! Insider tips and tricks scooped directly from the brains of people who live in Chicago and have been around the L more than a few times and learned a thing or two. Wea€™ve culled for the handiest and most pragmatic crackerjack counsel so you can save money, find convenience, and experience the best of the city. A Great Gift for anyone moving to Chicago! a€œNew in Town Chicagoa€ makes a great gift for a college graduate, son, daughter, friend, or relative that is moving to Chicago or anyone just thinking about moving to Chicago.The resourceful, streetwise, savvy new residenta#39;s guide to moving in, getting around, and building a new life in the Windy City. ... Online Apartment Search If youa€Ÿve ever looked for an apartment online, youa€Ÿve surely already used Craigslist inanbsp;...

Title:New in Town Chicago
Publisher:New in Town Chicago - 2012-12-01


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