New Directions in Assessing Historical Thinking

New Directions in Assessing Historical Thinking

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New technologies have radically transformed our relationship to information in general and to little bits of information in particular. The assessment of history learning, which for a century has valued those little bits as the centerpiece of its practice, now faces not only an unprecedented glut but a disconnect with what is valued in history education. More complex processesa€”historical thinking, historical consciousness or historical sense makinga€”demand more complex assessments. At the same time, advances in scholarship on assessment open up new possibilities. For this volume, Kadriye Ercikan and Peter Seixas have assembled an international array of experts who have, collectively, moved the fields of history education and assessment forward. Their various approaches negotiate the sometimes-conflicting demands of theoretical sophistication, empirically demonstrated validity and practical efficiency. Key issues include articulating the cognitive goals of history education, the relationship between content and procedural knowledge, the impact of studentsa€™ language literacy on history assessments, and methods of validation in both large scale and classroom assessments. New Directions in Assessing Historical Thinking is a critical, research-oriented resource that will advance the conceptualization, design and validation of the next generation of history assessments.Exam readers trained in applying the rubrics for the new questions scored these pilot exams beginning in May of 2012. ... Samples of the new types of questions are contained in the AP United States History Course and Exam Description ( College ... for new models of multiplechoice questions, short answer questions, and skills-based rubrics for essays and DBQs. ... will also provide much-desired guidance to teachers and students about what content might be assessable on the exam.

Title:New Directions in Assessing Historical Thinking
Author:Kadriye Ercikan, Peter Seixas
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-02-20


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