Neuroadaptive Systems

Neuroadaptive Systems

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Broadly defined as the science and technology of systems responding to neural processes in the brain, neuroadaptive systems (NASs) has become a rapidly developing area of study. One of the first books available in this emerging area, Neuroadaptive Systems: Theory and Applications synthesizes knowledge about human behavior, cognition, neural processing, and technology and how it can be used to optimize the design, development, modeling, simulation, and applications of complex neuro-based systems. Balancing coverage of theory and applications, the book examines the general aims of NASs and how neurogenomics can be applied in training applications. It includes important results and findings gathered from approximately two decades of brain computer interaction research. But more than this, the book details the underlying rationale for using NASs compared to other kinds of human-machine systems and raises questions and concerns about budding neuro-scientific areas that gives insight into the way humans may interact with neuro-technological systems in the future. With contributions from international professionals and researchers, this book presents state-of-the-art developments in neuroscience, human factors, and brain activity measurement. Packed with models, case studies, research results, and illustrations, it discusses approaches to understanding the functions of neuronal networks, and then explores challenges and applications of neuroadaptive systems. It provides tools for future development and the theory to support it.The SPLa€“PMd pathway may be critical in guiding the arm toward a tool and in controlling the most basic manipulation of ... necessary hand/finger configurations (which can be engaged for a€œacting witha€ objects; Johnson and Grafton 2003). ... and their integration into actions plans is still expected to be strongly left-lateralized irrespective of the manual task to be performed. ... cerebral cortex, but also about how we perceive objects, learn and store knowledge of 88 Neuroadaptive Systems.

Title:Neuroadaptive Systems
Author:Magdalena Fafrowicz, Tadeusz Marek, Waldemar Karwowski, Dylan Schmorrow
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-10-29


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