Neural Control of Rhythmic Movements in Vertebrates

Neural Control of Rhythmic Movements in Vertebrates

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Electroreception Edited by Theodore Holmes Bullock and Walter Heiligenberg Presents recent findings in the research on modality of animal perception, particularly the ability to sense feeble electrical fields. Includes a new treatment of electric organs and their control, examination of receptors and their ionic mechanisms, and discussion of regeneration of the spinal cord. Uses electric fish as models. 1986 (0 471-81800-3) 722 pp. Neurobiology of Taste and Smell Thomas E. Finger and Wayne L. Silver A survey of subdisciplines within the field of neurobiology and an overview of current issues, recent findings, and future research, and an excellent introduction to the specific study of the chemical senses, including olfactory, vomeronasal, and gustatory systems. 1987 (0 471-81799-6) 449 pp. Higher Brain Functions Recent Explorations of the Braina€™s Emergent Properties Edited by Steven P. Wise Pushing at the frontiers of knowledge, the best minds in the field of neurophysiology develop original ideas first presented in a monograph by Evarts, Shinoda, and Wise, Neurophysiological Approaches to Higher Brain Functions. Organized into three sections, Motor Aspects of Higher Brain Function, Effects of Preparatory Set, and Cerebral Organization, this volume explores important and interesting research directed toward questions concerning higher brain functions that lie beyond the traditional concerns of sensor and motor physiology. 1987 (0 471-01111-8) 384 pp. Synaptic Function Edited by Gerald M. Edelman, W. Einar Gall, and W. Maxwell Cowan Examines synaptic function by focusing on five areasa€”biochemical and biophysical mechanisms of change in pre-and postsynaptic cells; the neurochemicstry of transmitters and their release; the interactions of cells in small networks; synaptic plasticity related to long-term changes; and theoretical models of synaptic function. 1987 (0 471-85557-X) 944 pp.Identical results are seen with low-sodium saline (Harris-Warrick and Flamm, 1986b). ... in a CPG, neuromodulators can also alter the strength of synaptic interactions within the circuit, thus functionally altering the a€œwiring diagrama€ of the circuit.

Title:Neural Control of Rhythmic Movements in Vertebrates
Author:Avis H. Cohen, Serge Rossignol, Sten Grillner
Publisher:Wiley-Interscience - 1988-02-26


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