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A new adult college romance from author Cambria Hebert. Two people from completely different worlds are about to be thrown together... In more ways than one. She wants to keep her scholarship. He wants to stay on the team. An awkward alliance doesn't even begin to cover Rimmel and Romeo's relationship. But that's about to change. It starts with a dare. An initiation. A challenge. Quickly, it turns into more. But when you're a victim of your status, there is no room for anything real. The rules are clear and simple. Stick to your circle. And never fall in love with anyone on the outside. From the Back Cover Excerpt from #Nerd: qWe should probably set some ground rules.q I continued. He slumped back against the chair, crossing his arms over his chest. qYou want to make rules for tutoring.q I nodded. qAnd if you don't follow them, I'll quit.q He studied me for long moments. It made me squirm in my seat. Romeo had a very intense and level stare. qOkay, Rimmel, q he drawled. qLet's hear these rules.q I swallowed. Every time he said my name, the spit in my mouth seemed to thicken. qOkay.q I agreed. My shoulders straightened and I held up my hand to count the rules as I went. qOne: do not be late. It's rude. If you're late again, I won't wait.q His lips twitched, which brought me to the next rule. qTwo: Don't bother trying to charm me into doing your work for you. I won't.q He pressed a hand to his chest like he was offended. qYou think so low of me.q He gasped. I rolled my eyes. qThree: No girls during tutoring. No disappearing.q qBut you're a girl, q he said, sitting forward swiftly and tucking a bunch of hair behind my ear. The back of my neck broke out in goose bumps and they scattered down my spine, and my toes curled in the Converse I was wearing. qRule four, q I said, ignoring the funny way he made me feel. qNo charm at all.q qI can't help it, Rimmie.q His intensely azure eyes roamed over my face like he was looking at me for the first time. qIt's so easy to make you blush.q I hit away his hand. qRule five: Do not call me Rimmie.q Ugh, he was irritating! He chuckled and sat back. qFine. Now, can we get to work?q he asked, pointing at his paper. qNo, q I snapped. qTutoring is over for today.q qBut what about this assignment?q he whined. qHere's a thought, q I said as I snatched my bag and stood. qSit here and do it.q I started to stalk away, nearly tripping over my half-untied shoelace. He laughed beneath his breath, and I thought about kicking him. qRimmel, q he said. I stopped and turned. qSee you day after tomorrow.q I rushed outside into the cold autumn air and dragged in great gulps of the crisp atmosphere. He was absolutely infuriating! Full of himself. Arrogant. Far too pretty. He was terrible! This was going to be torture! So then why was I already anticipating our next study session? Review q#Nerd is a delightful story that takes you skipping through all sorts of emotions that will leave you laughing, rooting, holding your breath and cheering in delight for these characters! This book is another #Touchdown for Cambria Hebert! #LOVEq - Lacey Weatherford, USA Today Bestselling author qCambria Hebert has spun a modern day fairy tale with the #Hashtag Series. Not only will you adore Rimmel, our #Nerdy heroine, you will swoon over Roman, or qRomeoq as he's known on Alpha's campus. This fun story made me laugh, cry, and make me want to find myself a one eyed cat. 5 stars for sure.q -International bestselling author, Tara Brown q#IFellInLove #bookhangover #whyamIhashtaggingeverything Because #Nerd was awesome!q - All is Read Review Blog qIt's no secret that I am a Cambria Hebert fan. #Nerd is Hebert at her best. The story is filled with a fun romance, and tons of steamy, satisfying moments. I immediately connected to Rimmel and fell madly in love with Romeo. It was hard not to fall for him. I mean, what woman doesn't like the fiercely protective, hot football star? Grab this book now, you won't be disappointed.q - Author Amber GarzaThis book is another #Touchdown for Cambria Hebert! #LOVEaquot; - Lacey Weatherford, USA Today Bestselling author aquot;Cambria Hebert has spun a modern day fairy tale with the #Hashtag Series.

Author:Cambria Hebert
Publisher:Cambria Hebert Books, LLC - 2014-09-01


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