Negative-Refraction Metamaterials

Negative-Refraction Metamaterials

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Learn about the revolutionary new technology of negative-refraction metamaterials Negative-Refraction Metamaterials: Fundamental Principles and Applications introduces artificial materials that support the unusual electromagnetic property of negative refraction. Readers will discover several classes of negative-refraction materials along with their exciting, groundbreaking applications, such as lenses and antennas, imaging with super-resolution, microwave devices, dispersion-compensating interconnects, radar, and defense. The book begins with a chapter describing the fundamentals of isotropic metamaterials in which a negative index of refraction is defined. In the following chapters, the text builds on the fundamentals by describing a range of useful microwave devices and antennas. Next, a broad spectrum of exciting new research and emerging applications is examined, including: * Theory and experiments behind a super-resolving, negative-refractive-index transmission-line lens * 3-D transmission-line metamaterials with a negative refractive index * Numerical simulation studies of negative refraction of Gaussian beams and associated focusing phenomena * Unique advantages and theory of shaped lenses made of negative-refractive-index metamaterials * A new type of transmission-line metamaterial that is anisotropic and supports the formation of sharp steerable beams (resonance cones) * Implementations of negative-refraction metamaterials at optical frequencies * Unusual propagation phenomena in metallic waveguides partially filled with negative-refractive-index metamaterials * Metamaterials in which the refractive index and the underlying group velocity are both negative This work brings together the best minds in this cutting-edge field. It is fascinating reading for scientists, engineers, and graduate-level students in physics, chemistry, materials science, photonics, and electrical engineering.A baseband Gaussian pulse of temporal width 40 ns was created with a Tektronix AWG2041 arbitrary waveform generator (ARB) and was modulated with a Rohde aamp; Schwartz SMV03 vector signal generator at frequencies between 1.1 andanbsp;...

Title:Negative-Refraction Metamaterials
Author:G. V. Eleftheriades, K. G. Balmain
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2005-08-08


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