Nearly News

Nearly News

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Good satire is hard to find. It's even harder to write. While this is not a complete guide teaching all of the intricacies of writing satire, it does provide some biting satire and an explanation behind each story. The purpose of many of the articles was to show human flaws but not necessarily to solve problems. You can read right-wing rags or liberal laments for that. While most of the book is written as news articles, you will also find interviews with God and Satan, a sermon, and several opinion pieces from various voices. While nobody is a clear winner in this book, you might note the slightly liberal bias of the author, especially in later years. Even though most of the stories appear in Real Wisconsin News and some of the stories are written specifically about a suburban Milwaukee school district, you will be able to relate to just about all of the content, unless you are living under a rock or from Europe. However, if you are from elsewhere, there is no better way to understand Americans that to see what they find funny about the news. If you enjoy The Onion, The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, or The Golden Girls, you should like this book. It's a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of our country, even if that person is one of the One Percenters. Great for social studies teachers, social scientists, social climbers, social disease carriers, and socialites alike.Jeepa#39;s homepage depicts all of its vehicles in a Middle-Eastern desert setting, along with a shovel and pail. ... The Jeep Patriot, available in Steel Blue for Americans and Surf Blue for hippies, may get better gas mileage, but mainly remindsanbsp;...

Title:Nearly News
Author:Brian Jaeger
Publisher:Brian Jaeger -


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