Myself Help

Myself Help

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Are you suffering the loss of a loved one? Feeling terribly isolated and shameful about your secret grief? Do you believe you should be over it? Are you considering seeing a therapist but believe you must be crazy to enter psychotherapy? Are you afraid to let a therapist know ita€™s been a very long time since you lost your loved one and you are still feeling lonely and devastated? Are you afraid a psychotherapist will judge youa€”that he or she may find out you are soothing yourself by some unacceptable behavior? Have you stopped going to church? Cut yourself off from community and possibilities that have nurtured your spirit in the past? Are you just plain feeling badly about yourself? Have you ever felt any of these things? Myself Help is the story of anyone who has heard a critic in their mind, felt guilty about certain choices theya€™ve made, or felt loneliness while surrounded by loved ones. Dana Anderson shares her personal story while providing helpful tools for growth and healing. Myself Help is an inspirational tale told with humor.Ironically, however, it turned out that this day planner/ address book was something I could manage. Though I now have a MacBook, a scheduler on my iPhone, an iPad, and a pretty good brain, I cannot see myself ... I love the Kindle thing.

Title:Myself Help
Author:Dana Anderson
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2012-10-24


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