My Dream

My Dream

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Born two months premature in Sual, Pangasinan, Rosario Wilson became the latest addition to a superstitious family. Smaller and more sickly than others her age, Rosario bravely embarked on a challenging life journey that would one day cause her to realize that no matter what the income or social background, every human being has the ability to dream. In her compelling memoir, Rosario reveals how she learned to have faith in herself in order to achieve her dreams. Rosario begins with her childhood in the Philippines, providing a captivating glimpse into what life was like for a young girl whose mother worked several jobs in order to make ends meet. From working in rice fields to serving as a live-in maid, her mother's example soon taught Rosario how to survive even when life seemed unfair. As Rosario details her journey into young adulthood and how she grew to love a man who had much to learn, she reveals how patience and wisdom eventually led her to attain the life she had always imagined for herself. This true story of one woman's journey through life shares an inspiring message that the size of a person never need limit the size of a dream.The water was on but the pressure was real low, so I put my bucket under the faucet to catch what little water that was dripping out. I went into the living ... I tried to get him to leave it for me, but he said that he has to fix his bed on his boat, so he can fix our bed too. We ate our ... I just learned how to do this so I can decorate our apartment and have something to do when you leave me home alone...I get realanbsp;...

Title:My Dream
Author:Rosario Wilson
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-04


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