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The essays in this book explore the encounters of European, American, and African cultures through the prism of music and performance. Combining musicological analysis, cultural criticism, and an array of illustrations, they discuss the instruments, dance, and music of the pre-contact world and then reveal the immediate and resounding impacts of 1492 through to today. As these essays argue, the musical and performing arts can reflect a culture's changing world view as well is its struggles for identity and survival.Mead (1903) produced photographs and musical notations of the scales of twenty-six pre- Columbian Peruvian flutes, and ... The Fibonacci series is an arithmetic sequence in which the first unit is 1 and subsequent units can be found by adding ... Regarding the use of the Fibonacci series in the music of the world, Makeig (1981:38) writes the following negative view: ... A beat frequency can be defined as the phenomenon that occurs when two pitches aquot;of equal amplitude and nearlyanbsp;...

Author:Carol E. Robertson
Publisher:Smithsonian Inst Press - 1992


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