Multiuser Detection in CDMA Mobile Terminals

Multiuser Detection in CDMA Mobile Terminals

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Here's an authoritative, cutting-edge resource that gives you a thorough understanding of CDMA transmission and detection. It offers practical guidance in designing interference-reducing multi-user receivers for mobile radio systems and multi-user adaptive modems for accessing satellite earth stations. The book provides in-depth descriptions of CDMA principles, and of linear and non-linear multi-user detection, and covers the fine details of the realization of a linear multi-user receiver. Extensively supported with over 565 equations and more than 95 illustrations, the book enables you to devise accurate system models of both a cellular TD-CDMA radio interface and an asynchronous satellite radio interface. It allows you to choose among different architectural solutions for both linear multi-user receivers to be operated in TD-CDMA radio systems and adaptive linear CDMA receivers in satellite asynchronous CDMA systems.vW(0. (4-9). j=\ A=\ j=\ where we identify with subscript alt;/ the desired intracell signal; the summation over k accounts for L beams of ... The matrices Gya€ž ( /) = f[N a#39; Ca–ia€ž (i) are the modified code matrices after transmission through the channel.

Title:Multiuser Detection in CDMA Mobile Terminals
Author:Piero Castoldi
Publisher:Artech House - 2002


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