Multiple AIDS-related Loss

Multiple AIDS-related Loss

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Surviving multiple-AIDS related loss losing more than one loved one to AIDS has cumulative and continuous effects while stigmatization and the abscence of traditionally available support systems handicap recovery. This book strives to legitimize the profound pain experienced by many survivors of AIDS. Normalizing the abnormal experience of survivors is an important coping strategy emphasized throughout.; Taking a personal look at this tragedy, the book presents the stories and experiences of survivors. It also outlines the historical context of AIDS and characteristics of multiple-AIDS related loss, and explores grieving multiple loss and the problems for survivors in both grief, adjustment, and traumatization. Other topics covered include the impact on families of origin and families of choice, self identity and existential anxiety, specific suggestions for both helping survivors and enabling them to thrive, and professional issues in treatment.Individual griefs add up and accumulate so that survivors feel aquot;the total sum of AIDS-related losses as one big lossaquot; (Shrader, ... Making a timeline of loss helps present the perspective of total environmental disruption faced by many survivors .

Title:Multiple AIDS-related Loss
Author:David Nord
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 1997


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