Multifield Problems

Multifield Problems

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This book on the state of the art in qMultifield Problemsq consists of selected articles based on a conference on this topic at the University of Stuttgart in 1999. The first two articles are contributions to the general modelling of multifield problems. S.S. Antman presents the important role of viscoelastic dissipation in the mathematical modelling of bifurcation analysis of nonlinear elasticity for large deformations. G.A. Maugin presents the basic theoretical foundations for the combination of three scales - the microscopic lattice of crystals, the mesoscopic thermomechanical model and the macroscopic con tinuum mechanics model for describing the propagation of phase transition fronts in terms of the Landau-Ginzburg theory and the modelling of nonlinear waves. The other contributions are associated with five main areas of multifield modelling such as two and multiphase flows, the mechanics of materials in terms of multiscaling, the interaction of solids and fluids, efficient solution methods of the discrete equations including adaptivity, and the modelling of contact and fracture.qThe research was in part supported by the German Ministry of Research (BMBF) within the project MTK 586. References. 1. Ch. Cabos, F. Ihlenburg, Vibrational Analysis of Ships with Coupled Finite and Boundary Elements, J. Comp. Acoustics ... ANSYS Theory Manual, 8th ed., SAS IP Inc., Houston PA, 1998 6. F.M. Lewisanbsp;...

Title:Multifield Problems
Author:Anna-Margarete Sändig, W. Schiehlen, W.L. Wendland
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2000-06-15


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