Mr Paradise

Mr Paradise

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Murder, mayhem, scams and cheerleaders... Another exemplary crime thriller from the grandmaster of US fiction. Tony Paradiso - aka Mr Paradise - gets his kicks from watching old football games on TV accompanied by live entertainment: sexy cheerleaders shaking their pom-poms and doing rah-rah routines for his viewing pleasure. But for Chloe Robinette, playing dress-up doesn't end so well when she's caught in the crossfire of a contract hit. There are witnesses to the murders - Paradiso's right-hand man, Montez Taylor, and Chloe's roommate Kelly - but neither is giving too much away. Because Montez and Kelly have a score in mind, a big payoff from Mr Paradise's estate - if only Kelly can convince the cops she's someone else...Apparent cause of death, the evidence tech said, a single gunshot wound to the back. a€œYeah ... The car they gave him to use was a dark blue Chevy Lumina with 115, 000 miles on it and a Service Engine Soon light that was always on.

Title:Mr Paradise
Author:Elmore Leonard
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-07-21


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