Movie Bliss: A Hopeless Romantic Seeks Movies to Love

Movie Bliss: A Hopeless Romantic Seeks Movies to Love

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The Romance Lover's Guide to Movie Must-Sees If you adore Sleepless in Seattle and Pride and Prejudice and The Avengers, then you want a movie guide aimed at women like you. Women who enjoy romances and more! You like both a good kiss and a good knockout and refuse to be categorized-but you wish someone like you would recommend movies. Which brings Harlequin author and professional movie critic Heidi Rice to the rescue. Whether it's nonstop action with a little heart 'n' soul, sweetly adorable cartoons, a classic black-and-white screwball comedy or that under-the-radar flick that you never knew you were missing, Heidi Rice will lead you through her must-sees and why you will also enjoy them. From Ryan Gosling's six-pack to that iconic orgasm sandwich delivered by Meg Ryan, right up to the double whammy of hotties in Prisoners (Gyllenhaal and Jackman)a€”there's a little something for everyone. And a little something for that teenager inside you who's ready to watch qnekkidq man-candy and spend two hours falling in love all over againa€b.Source. Code. (2011): He. Follows. the. Plot, . While. You. Follow. Jake. Gyllenhaal. Directed byDuncan Jones Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal as Colter Stevens Michelle Monaghan asChristina Warren Vera Farmiga as Colleen Goodwin Jeffreyanbsp;...

Title:Movie Bliss: A Hopeless Romantic Seeks Movies to Love
Author:Heidi Rice
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-01-06


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