Move on with Parkinson's

Move on with Parkinson's

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This is a must-read book for newly diagnosed Parkinson's patients. The author has traveled a long road in learning to cope with PD over the last five years. The story explains the importance that the author places on prompt and effective medical treatment in combination with an intensive exercise program. The book effectively takes the reader inside the author's world when he was first diagnosed with PD, which began as a nightmare. The author provides a realistic glimpse into the progressive stages of acceptance, coping and triumph as the author tells the new patient what to expect and more importantly, how life with PD can be better than imagined. This book is endorsed by Dr. Enrico Fazzini, DO, PhD, Director, APDA Referral and Information Center, New York University Medical Center, Manhattan, New York.But in fact, I was fortunate that I did not undertake surgery or dentistry, because I completely lost my manual dexterity and ... size and shape of objects well enough , and I could not use tools accuratelya€”in short, my a€œtoucha€ was gone for good.

Title:Move on with Parkinson's
Author:Michael Stanfield - 2009-06-01


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