Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics

Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics

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In the seven years since this volume first appeared. there has been an enormous expansion of the range of problems to which Monte Carlo computer simulation methods have been applied. This fact has already led to the addition of a companion volume (qApplications of the Monte Carlo Method in Statistical Physicsq, Topics in Current Physics. Vol . 36), edited in 1984, to this book. But the field continues to develop further; rapid progress is being made with respect to the implementation of Monte Carlo algorithms, the construction of special-purpose computers dedicated to exe cute Monte Carlo programs, and new methods to analyze the qdataq generated by these programs. Brief descriptions of these and other developments, together with numerous addi tional references, are included in a new chapter , qRecent Trends in Monte Carlo Simulationsq , which has been written for this second edition. Typographical correc tions have been made and fuller references given where appropriate, but otherwise the layout and contents of the other chapters are left unchanged. Thus this book, together with its companion volume mentioned above, gives a fairly complete and up to-date review of the field. It is hoped that the reduced price of this paperback edition will make it accessible to a wide range of scientists and students in the fields to which it is relevant: theoretical phYSics and physical chemistry , con densed-matter physics and materials science, computational physics and applied mathematics, etc.31 .32 .33 .34 .35 .36 .37 .38 : Extensive details and references to the application of the Monte Carlo method to the study of ... B21, 1941 (1980) Earlier versions of this diagram (see 9.35, 38) were marred by an extrapolation Of the Monte Carlo data ... B 13, 1446 (1976) J.G. Dash: Films on Solid Surfaces (Academic Press, New York 1975) 9.42 D. Butler, J. Litzinger, G.A. Stewart: Unpublished F.A. Putnam, .

Title:Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics
Author:Kurt Binder
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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