Mom 3MD

Mom 3MD

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A quiet six-year-old girl, brought to America in 1955, was welcomed into the loving home of family members who adopted her as their own cherished daughter. Raised by a gentle, strong father and beautiful, elegant mother, Rose learned through discipline, guidance, and unconditional love what it meant to seek God, strive for excellence in all things, and respect others without compromising oneself. Upon this foundation would she build the rest of her life in spite of the storms that would soon test her. As a young woman, Rose was no stranger to grief: at the age of nine, she lost her beloved father to illness. And so it was that when she met and married her soul mate, Gabriel, she rejoiced in the profound and abundant blessing that was marriage and family, only to face devastating loss once again a few years later when the love of her life was diagnosed with leukemia. Upon becoming a widow before she was thirty years old, the young mother was charged with raising her three children alone. Though she was stricken with grief, she set her mind and spirit upon the task she had promised her husband to see through: to raise and equip their children with the love, integrity, and education that he himself so valued and had dreamed of imparting. This is the memoir of the young woman who exemplified values by which she would raise her childrena€”values that are as relevant today as they were forty years ago. In spite of loss, grief, loneliness, frustration, and discrimination, her convictions and steadfast faith would reap great rewards, leading her to rejoice in the fruit of her labor while building a legacy that will continue for generations.She had no doubt that she would be a member of that class. Leonel had accomplished the goal of getting into medical school with a flourish as well; he had been accepted to the University of Southern California Medical School. So off he wentanbsp;...

Title:Mom 3MD
Author:Rose A. Hunt
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2015-04-14


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