Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology

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Molecular Biology is the existing and fast moving field of science, and is condensed into but balanced review. In the last two decades the field of Molecular Biology has undergone a variable revolution leading to major advances in our understanding of cell structure and function at molecular level. The convergence of cytological genetic and biochemical approaches has generated a rich panorama of detail, the significance of which we are still attempting to unravel. The present title is being written as an introduction of this rapidly growing field. Our goal is to acquaint the undergraduate student who is encountering the subject for the first time with the fundamental principles that characterize the molecular organization of cell. Contents: The Cell, Cell Membrane, Glogi Complex, Lysosomes, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Ribosomes, Mitochondria, Plastids, Nucleus, Cell Cycle, Nucleic Acids, Biological Replication of DNA, Ribonucleic Acid, Protein Synthesis, Gene Expression, Genetic Code.In glycolysis, the breakdown of the diphosphorylated sugar is coupled to ATP synthesis. The combined reaction still releases energy, but at the reduced level of about 4500 cal/mol: 1, 3-diphosphoglyceric acid + ADP -/ 3-phosphoglyceric acid anbsp;...

Title:Molecular Biology
Author:G.P. Gupta
Publisher:Discovery Publishing House - 2004-01-01


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