Modern Monks Player's Guide

Modern Monks Player's Guide

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Modern Monks is a retro-clone inspired role playing game with a focus on martial arts in the preset day. The rules of this game are designed to emulate the second edition of one of the world's most well known fantasy games. It can be used for campaigns focusing on gritty realism or the over the top super moves found in video games and anime. The Modern Monks Player's Guide contains rules for characters level 1-20. Inside you'll find: -Six character classes: the versatile martial artist who can focus on power, defense, or quick strikes, the tough soldier, the sneaky rogue, and the skillful civilian. -Skills and Techniques to customize your character -Armor, weapons, and equipment -Guidelines for economics -11 character specialties like the rugged survivalist, the wise sensei, the daring wheelman, and the battle tested commanderAmmunition Architecture Armorer Bowyer Computer programming Computer repair Computer security Engineering ... He can also attempt to cobble together makeshift armor from materials he might have handy (like a leather jacket and scrapsanbsp;...

Title:Modern Monks Player's Guide
Author:Al Seeger - 2014-12-08


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