Modern Japanese Literature

Modern Japanese Literature

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Modern Japanese Literature is Donald Keenea€™s critically acclaimed companion volume to his landmark Anthology of Japanese Literature. Now considered the standard canon of modern Japanese writing translated into English, Modern Japanese Literature includes concise introductions to the writers, as well as a historical introduction by Professor Keene. Includes: a€œGrowing Upa€ by Ichiyo, a lyrical story of pre-adolescence in the 90s; Natsumea€™s story of a€œBotchan, a€ an ill-starred and ineffectual Huck Finn; Nagaia€™s a€œThe Sumida Rivera€; Kokomitsua€™s Kafkaesque a€œTimea€; Kawabataa€™s a€œThe Molea€; a€œFirefly Hunta€; a glimpse into Tanizakia€™s masterpiece a€œThin Snowa€; and the postwar work of such writers as Dazai and Mishima.

Title:Modern Japanese Literature
Author:Donald Keene
Publisher:Grove/Atlantic, Inc. - 2007-12-01


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