Modern Embedded Computing

Modern Embedded Computing

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Modern embedded systems are used for connected, media-rich, and highly integrated handheld devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, and MP3 players. All of these embedded systems require networking, graphic user interfaces, and integration with PCs, as opposed to traditional embedded processors that can perform only limited functions for industrial applications. While most books focus on these controllers, Modern Embedded Computing provides a thorough understanding of the platform architecture of modern embedded computing systems that drive mobile devices. The book offers a comprehensive view of developing a framework for embedded systems-on-chips. Examples feature the Intel Atom processor, which is used in high-end mobile devices such as e-readers, Internet-enabled TVs, tablets, and net books. Beginning with a discussion of embedded platform architecture and Intel Atom-specific architecture, modular chapters cover system boot-up, operating systems, power optimization, graphics and multi-media, connectivity, and platform tuning. Companion lab materials compliment the chapters, offering hands-on embedded design experience. Learn embedded systems design with the Intel Atom Processor, based on the dominant PC chip architecture. Examples use Atom and offer comparisons to other platforms Design embedded processors for systems that support gaming, in-vehicle infotainment, medical records retrieval, point-of-sale purchasing, networking, digital storage, and many more retail, consumer and industrial applications Explore companion lab materials online that offer hands-on embedded design experienceAndroid Inc. was launched in 2003 by the founders of Danger Inc. (maker of the once-popular T-Mobile Sidekick smartphone) and WebTV. ... In 2008, Google released the full source code of the platform under an Apache open-source license. Google ... Android applications are compiled for execution on the Dalvik virtual machine, which is optimized for battery-constrained and connected mobile devicesanbsp;...

Title:Modern Embedded Computing
Author:Peter Barry, Patrick Crowley
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-01-25


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