Modern American Queer History

Modern American Queer History

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In the twentieth century, countless Americans claimed gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender identities, forming a movement to secure social as well as political equality. This collection of essays considers the history as well as the historiography of the queer identities and struggles that developed in the United States in the midst of widespread upheaval and change. Whether the subject is an individual life story, a community study, or an aspect of public policy, these essays illuminate the ways in which individuals in various locales understood the nature of their desires and the possibilities of resisting dominant views of normality and deviance. Theoretically informed, but accessible, the essays shed light too on the difficulties of writing history when documentary evidence is sparse or coded, Taken together these essays suggest that while some individuals and social networks might never emerge from the shadows, the persistent exploration of the past for their traces is an integral part of the on-going struggle for queer rights.homosexuals who tended to play with dolls as young boys and a€” to the amazement of the reporter a€” werena#39;t particularly keen on ... However, the language of dread, disappointment, and revulsion that surrounded discussions of sissy boys suggests that popular ... Little girls not too many years ago wore dresses consistently, played quiet games and were repeatedly reminded to behave like little ladies.

Title:Modern American Queer History
Author:Allida Mae Black
Publisher:Temple University Press - 2001


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