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Jason Sutter, a thirteen-year-old genius and telepath, struggles every day to deal with his special gifts. Not long ago, he discovered there are others like him-and that those others are dangerous. He has to hide; using his power would be like sending up flares signaling his location. But his efforts have been in vain. His enemies have arrived in Franklin Chase, Pennsylvania, and their mission is to find and kill any telepaths who live outside of their Community. While Jason attempts to stay alive, he becomes embroiled in the mystery of who is killing elderly care facility patients. That's not all that's going on in Jason's life, though. He currently lives in a foster home with the Dubois family, but he dreams of locating his mother in New York City. Only time will tell, however, whether Jason will survive a confrontation with his enemies and manage to begin rebuilding his family.Taking a deep breath, Mort watched the trees lining the street wave lazily. ... Satisfied, he put the mirror back where he found it, pulled the keys out ofthe ignition, and tossed them into the opened attachAc case lying on the van fioor between theanbsp;...

Author:Jay Sherfey
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-08


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