Mistress - The Italian way

Mistress - The Italian way

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A dangerous affair: Revenge for justice. Power and control. Set among the power games of the Mafia and the rich and beautiful of Italy, on the island of Ponza, in Ferrara and in London. Corruption involving Italy's high and mighty: the Clan, multinational corporations. Fashion, car manufacturing, Formula One, the alcohol industry. Those who control vast global assets. Everywhere. The love between Aelita and Amos, a love that had no proper beginning and no proper end. He is murdered in Naples harbour. On his way to the ferry that was supposed to take him to Procida. She tells his story, her story, the story of their love. Fights him for their son, in England and in Italy. A modern-day fairytale that takes place in Berlin, London, Naples, Rome, Emilia Romagna, Monte Carlo. Emotional. Erotic. Love and revenge. Intelligent. Written in short, sharp prose. Creative, racy, witty. Starting with a murder that is solved and avenged at the end. A new definition of Italy: Delilah J paints a fascinating and colourful picture of corruption amongst the select ultra-powerful oligarchs of Italy that would make even Silvio Berlusconi look charming. An ending that holds a vague hope for a new Italy. Maybe.He is four years old and speaks German and Italian. Through friends ... Giant upheaval about the listing on the stock exchange, even more about the drop in share prices shortly after. But Monica and I ... Our holidays are spent on the island of Ponza now no longer on Procida or at the Amalfi coast or Apulia. We often went toanbsp;...

Title:Mistress - The Italian way
Author:Delilah Jay
Publisher:epubli - 2013-05-16


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