Mistake Power

Mistake Power

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We all make mistakes, but imagine losing your financial solvency or your childrena€™s inheritance to the failing economy. Buying low and selling higher is the name of the game, but we often do the opposite. As the stock market rises, we remain on the sidelines, watching as others are reaping monetary rewards. We want to rebuild, but we are fearful of losing additional funds in todaya€™s risky market. These challenges have plagued investors for decades, many of whom have lost much of their investments in various recessions. Even so, you can transform your investment mistakes into financial gains. Making a comeback from investment errors requires an understanding of some basic elements of investing, such as a€c predictable investor behavior; a€c insight from hindsight; a€c risk/reward consideration; a€c chance of loss measurement; and a€c data and analysis. All investors experience the same psychological emotions and are susceptible to making the same investing errors of judgment; thus, the winners and losers are determined by how they play the game. Author Juliana Vilke offers winning investment strategies for women along with advice from wealthy investors who learned a great deal from their investment mistakes. She offers time-tested advice to help any woman take control of her investing future.1929. Market. Crash. Day 1: October 24, 1929a€”Black Thursday a€c Stock prices suddenly plunged in the morning. a€c Bankers who later ... the 1929 market crash. November 1954 a€c Markets got back to even twenty-five years after the market crash.

Title:Mistake Power
Author:Juliana Vilke
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-09-19


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