Misadventures of a Motor Home Driver

Misadventures of a Motor Home Driver

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One readera€™s account of the story is: a€œAn ample supply of adventure and hilarity in an entertaining trip across our land featuring a magnificent landscape of characters that comprise America.a€ The tale involves a cash-starved farmer who attempts to supplement his income by delivery driving motor homes from factory to dealers through the nation and Canada. His intentions are in constant battle between his bad self and good, in opposition from his wife and friends, and in conflict with his farming obligations. Themes cover how this a€œscaredy-cat wimpa€ strangely obtains the position, driving up mountains twice unintentionally, trouble and woe when making deliveries to various destinations, weather problems, kidnapping, mechanical breakdowns, a drivers room where arguments flow fast and loose, advice on how to overcome sleepiness while driving, furrowing little pigs while the wife was having a baby, trips to Canada that went sour, ridiculous advice given to motor home drivers, churches that should not have been attended, as well as silly descriptions of motor homes, difficulties following employera€™s demands, and facing dealers with impossible expectations. This is a fast-paced tale of travel, adventure, humor, farming, motor homes, and weird characters. A surprise ending waits!Before telling a story, it is advisable to obtain as much information as possible relating to the subjects involved, to consolidate the pertinent facts in detail, and to promote accuracy as the uppermost value in presentation. This wona#39;t happen hereanbsp;...

Title:Misadventures of a Motor Home Driver
Author:Lyle Meyers
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-02-01


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