Minnesota: A History (Second Edition) (States and the Nation)

Minnesota: A History (Second Edition) (States and the Nation)

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A comprehensive history of a state thought by many to be the most livable. In this volume, William Lass tells the story of Minnesota, a state that evolved from many cultures, from its beginnings to the present. This history not only provides descriptions of the essential events of Minnesota's past but also offers an interpretation of major trends and characteristics of the state and its distinctiveness within the context of the nation's story.The popularization of the chain saw in the late 1940s was a major breakthrough that eliminated much manual labor in timber harvesting. ... gasoline-powered chain saws as early as 1905, the first portable chain saw was developed in 1927 by Andreas Stihl of Stuttgart, Germany. ... can cut trees up to two feet 250 MINNESOTA.

Title:Minnesota: A History (Second Edition) (States and the Nation)
Author:William E. Lass
Publisher:W. W. Norton & Company - 2000-08-17


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