Mine Tomorrow

Mine Tomorrow

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Devin Abernathy secretly dreams of escaping to a simpler time. It's why she owns a vintage clothing shop, fulfilling her lifelong fantasy of surrounding herself with period style. All she has to do is slip on a garment to be spirited away to a bygone eraa€”in her imagination, anyway. But lately she's also dreamed at night of a passionate affair with a handsome World War II naval officer named Gregory Prescott, who seems oddly familiar. Fantasy becomes reality when Devin dons a mysterious estate-sale coat and is suddenly whisked back in timea€”to New York City in 1945 on V-J Day, where she's welcoming Gregory home with open arms and ruby-red kissesa€b. All she wants is to stay in his powerful embrace, but to do so means choosing between his past and her future.This is theguy who asked meabout the watch repair shop. He has the coolest coat hea#39;s interested in selling. I know we dona#39;t ... Idona#39;t know, ifIcould find you there, I guess.a€ a€œHow did you get...here?a€ She wasna#39;t talking about the shop and heanbsp;...

Title:Mine Tomorrow
Author:Jackie Braun
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-10-06


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