Miller's Rules

Miller's Rules

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English Mason wants the good life, and he's striven for it since birth. Now he's within a year of graduating from a top university and marrying his sweetheart of seven years. Big Six accounting firms have begun contacting him.Enter Miller Dispenberg, English's lifelong friend and roommate throughout college. He's a brilliant pre-law student with an eye for the hidden and an insatiable appetite for intrigue, his taste for the edge matched only by his capacity for deception. English and Miller become embroiled in the illusory world of a closely-watched senate race, where betrayal, sex, and bribery are all common currency, where nothing is what it seems and everythinga€”principle, loyalty, even lifea€”has a price. It's a chance for Miller to climb into a stratum he's eyed for years, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to get there. But for English, who learns that the strongest force in the world is human desire, it's a time that tests his core and pushes him to determine what matters most. Amidst the murders and the cover-ups hangs the life he so carefully crafted, and the only way out may be the worst of all. . .The lights in his room, save for the lamp on his desk, were off, his shade drawn. ... Above the home, beneath a penciled-in sun, lay the diagram of a compass, indicating the four directions. ... high school teacher on an overhead projector, fit perfectly over the Wallace sketch. ... the spatially accurate transparency disa€” played the location of the flood light atop the pole on the northern side, the wires runninganbsp;...

Title:Miller's Rules
Author:Wade Tabor
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-07-01


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