Middle East: Blueprint for the Final Solution

Middle East: Blueprint for the Final Solution

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The Middle East conflict originated, literally, in the womb of a beautiful woman a€“Rebekah, Isaaca€™s wife. Her a€˜strugglinga€™ twins, from their mothera€™s womb, have often engaged in a love/hate embrace, scorching their lands with periodic eruptions of bloody conflicts. Their descendants, though gradually lost their identity, have spread their struggle for a€˜the global inheritancea€™ into Europe, the Americas, and elsewhere. The march of Islam, of Muhammad, a€œthe man of the sworda€; the present Jew/arab conflict; the Persian Gulf menace; fanatic Islamic world terrorism and their main target a€“ the West a€“ are a direct result of the twinsa€™ struggle, which begun while in their mothera€™s womb. Human history and its future cana€™t be fully comprehended without correct understanding of the roots and turbulent history of the struggling twins. You, the reader, are destined, regardless of your ethnic background and religion, to soon experience the final consequences and glorious triumph of this age-long bloody conflict. Through the pages of this work the author takes you on a fascinating journey of the Biblical and historic records, which faithfully traced the stormy blazing trails of a€˜the struggling twins, a€™from the inception of the conflict to its glorious a€˜final solution.a€™... 19th century few thousands of impoverished Muslims where brought in from Algiers, Egypt, Bosnia, etc., for work projects. ... When we check the 6th grade curriculum of the Palestinian school year of 2000-2001, we can see a banner on theanbsp;...

Title:Middle East: Blueprint for the Final Solution
Author:Mike M. Joseph
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2004-05-14


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