Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003 Kick Start

Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003 Kick Start

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Visual Basic .NET Kick Start is a rapid-progression tutorial that presents Visual Basic .NET to working programmers already familiar with another programming language or tool. This book speeds through basic concepts and focuses on practical examples showing the advantages of Visual Basic .NET in ASP programming, application design and creation, and .NET Web Services development. Because previous versions of Visual Basic are so prevalent, this book pays special attention to issues developers face when moving from VB to VB.NET. Although Visual Basic .NET Kick Start assumes no knowledge of the .NET Framework, it skips the handholding and basic programming instruction associated with entry-level tutorials. Full of code examples, tips, and professional insights, this book is about maximum payoff with minimum effort for the working programming who wants to use Visual Basic .NET now.Leta#39;s take the same starting point of Car and head upwards for a more detailed example of inheritance. To start, you could have a base class of Vehicle, which could represent any type of vehicle (boat, car, truck, plane) and has the properties of ... Consider the class of objects designed to represent cars, such as a Ford Mustang, Toyota Celica, or Chevy Cavalier. ... The general problem with a loosely typed parameter list, as opposed to the strongly typed procedures you can create withanbsp;...

Title:Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003 Kick Start
Author:Duncan Mackenzie, Andy Baron
Publisher:Sams Publishing - 2003


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