Microjoining and Nanojoining

Microjoining and Nanojoining

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Many important advances in technology have been associated with nanotechnology and the miniaturization of components, devices and systems. Microjoining has been closely associated with the evolution of microelectronic packaging, but actually covers a much broader area, and is essential for manufacturing many electronic, precision and medical products. Part one reviews the basics of microjoining, including solid-state bonding and fusion microwelding. Part two covers microjoining and nanojoining processes, such as bonding mechanisms and metallurgy, process development and optimization, thermal stresses and distortion, positioning and fixturing, sensing, and numerical modelling. Part three discusses microjoining of materials such as plastics, ceramics, metals and advanced materials such as shape memory alloys and nanomaterials. The book also discusses applications of microjoining such as joining superconductors, the manufacture of medical devices and the sealing of solid oxide fuel cells. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental aspects of microjoining processes and techniques. It is a valuable reference for production engineers, designers and researchers using or studying microjoining technologies in such industries as microelectronics and biomedical engineering. Reviews the basics of nanojoining including solid-state bonding and fusion microwelding Covers microjoining and nanojoining processes such as bonding mechanisms and metallurgy, sensing and numerical modelling Examines applications of microjoining such as the manufacturing of medical devices, and the sealing of solid oxide fuel cellsThe leads for the electrical connection of the laser diode will contact the electrodes of the socket. A constant electric current will be provided to power up the laser diode. Figure 7.12 is a schematic diagram of the motion platform for activeanbsp;...

Title:Microjoining and Nanojoining
Author:Y N Zhou
Publisher:Elsevier - 2008-03-27


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