Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

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It will be a deeply reported book tracing Michelle's life from her beginnings to now. She was every parent's dream, skipping second grade because of her smarts, going on to Princeton and then Harvard Law School. The book will describe the South side of Chicago where the Robinson family grew up, Michelle's parents (her father had MS and worked for the city of Chicago, her mother stayed home), the hard-working culture of the Robinson family, Michelle's experience on the racially-tense campus of Princeton in the early 80s, her success at Harvard, how she experienced the death of her father and best friend, how she met Obama, the kind of partnership they have created, the kind of career as a lawyer and health care executive she pursued in Chicago, her views about political life and her aptitude for it, and her profile as a mother. The book will be based on the public record, on interviews she has given in the past, and on fresh interviews with her and members of her circle.Despite the fact thanhe needed acanea€”and, later, crutchesand eventually a motorized carta€”he never stopped working. ... father] wastreated, and what he had togo through, a€says Al Kindle, apolitical consultantwho grew upon theSouth Side.

Title:Michelle Obama
Author:Liza Mundy
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2012-12-25


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