Mexican Gold

Mexican Gold

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Two powerful drug cartels fight for control of the supply of drugs destined for the U.S. in the murder capital of the world, Juarez. Caught in the crossfire are Mormon ranchers who have lived in this part of Mexico for generations. The kidnapping and killing of several Mormon elders set in motion a series of events that will involve Mexican and U.S. law enforcement. When a whistle blower reports that a well-connected defense contractor is illegally shipping arms to the Mexican cartels, Roy Neely, still struggling to cope with his wife's tragic death, is brought out of retirement by his former FBI boss to look into the politically sensitive case. The investigation of the complex arms case results in more kidnappings. Neely scrambles with DEA Agent Jamie Gamez to get approval to go to Mexico for hostage negotiations with the two drug lords. Neely and Gamez join forces with a Mexican agent to negotiate a settlement. Two very different outcomes raise the political stakes on both sides of the border.The Ford Explorer looked like it had seen better days, beat up fenders, several creases in the front grill, dirty paint job, but when ... Arturo kept gunning the engine while Neely closed and locked the garage door. ... These are the factories run by American owners who pay slave wages so that Wal-Mart has plenty of cheap goods for sale. These slums surround the industrial parks in the south part of the city.

Title:Mexican Gold
Author:Arnold R. Beckhardt
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-09


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