Methods in Cell Wall Cytochemistry

Methods in Cell Wall Cytochemistry

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Various methodologies designed to study cell walls are compiled in this book. Methods in Cell Wall Cytochemistry covers the use of modern dyes, fluorescent chemicals, lectins, and antibody technology (immunocytochemisty.) Cell wall morphology and chemical composition is covered as well as light and fluorescent cytochemistry; transmission electron microscopic cytochemistry; lectin cytochemistry; and, special emphasis on immunocytochemistry. Addressing an emerging area of research and technology, this book will appeal to plant pathologists, cell biologists, as well as workers interested in stress response and those employing cell walls for biotechnological research.1.1 Morphology The cell wall is unique to plants and envelops the protoplast. ... is equally true that the cell has something to do with the cell wallaquot;.4 The cell wall is a layered structure formed just outside the plasma membrane. ... A chemical difference between the two was introduced by researchers working in higher plants.

Title:Methods in Cell Wall Cytochemistry
Author:K V Krishnamurthy
Publisher:CRC Press - 1999-03-29


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