Mesopotamian Witchcraft

Mesopotamian Witchcraft

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This volume is about the history, literature, ritual, and thought associated with ancient Mesopotamian witchcraft. With chapters on the changing forms and roles of witchcraft beliefs, the ritual function, form, and development of the MaqlAr text (the most important ancient work on the subject), and the meaning of the MaqlAr ceremony, as well as the ideology of the final version of the text. The volume significantly contributes to our understanding of the MaqlAr text, and the reconstruction of the development of thought about witchcraft and magic in Mesopotamia.(invoked as protective night- light): 136 (replaces Samas in revision of Maqlu I 73ff.; functions as judge); 136ff., 14157 (relation to Girra); 149 (expanding role in Maqlu); ... (incipits); 157 (diagram of ceremonial sections and incantations); 160ff.

Title:Mesopotamian Witchcraft
Author:I. Tzvi Abusch
Publisher:BRILL - 2002


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